Egg Binding in Bearded Dragons


Egg binding (Dystocia) in Bearded Dragons can be fairly common, most females will develop eggs even without the presence of a mate. Egg binding occurs when the lizard is unable to lay her eggs whether infertile or not. This may be down to a variety of factors but the most common cause and the most … Read more

Bearded Dragon Respiratory Infection


In bearded dragons, respiratory infection (RI) is caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs. Respiratory infection is a common disease that every beardie experience at least once in its life. Bearded dragons develop respiratory infection due to a number of reasons such as incorrect lightning and temperature, high humidity, prolonged psychological stress and poor … Read more

Bearded Dragon Shedding – Things You Should Know


Bearded dragon shedding is a completely normal and natural process. There is no need to be alarmed. Bearded Dragon Shedding? Shedding which is also known as molting, peeling or sloughing is a natural process in all reptiles where lizards including bearded dragons cast off their old skin. Scientific Definition of Shedding Scientifically known as ecdysis, shedding … Read more