How many species of Bearded Dragon are there?


They all come from Australia, but in total there are 9 types of bearded dragons (sub species of Pogona) There are 9 different types of Bearded Dragons species, these are: Pogona Barbata / Coastal or Eastern Bearded Dragon Pogona Henrylawsoni / Rankins or Lawsons Bearded Dragon Pogona Microlepidota / Small Scaled or Drysdale River Bearded … Read more

Why are they called Bearded Dragons?


Short answer: because they can make it look like they have a beard. The long answer: The Bearded Dragon is so called because of it’s ability to indicate a range of behaviours using it’s throat that make it look like it has a beard. This area of skin around their throat is also known as … Read more

Where do Bearded Dragons Come From?


In the wild, Bearded Dragons are originally from Australia, however, there are different species in different parts of the country. There are a total of 9 types of Bearded Dragon, they all originate from Australia and are all part of the same family. The Pogona Vittikins is a cross breed that naturally occurs between the … Read more

Interesting Bearded Dragon Facts


Scientifically known as Pogona Vitticeps, bearded dragons are medium-sized lizards which are generally 12 – 24 inches in length from head to tail. Bearded dragons are native to Australia, found in the eastern and central parts of the country. They usually live in deserts, woodlands, savannahs, arid and rocky areas, dry forests and scrublands. Bearded … Read more

Bearded Dragon Colors, Morph and Patterns With Pictures


First thing first. It’s important to know that as far as the names of Bearded Dragon Morphs go there are set standards in the breeding community, but for the names of Bearded dragon Colors & bearded dragon Patterns, different breeders may have different names for it. Bearded Dragon Colors In the wild, colors of bearded … Read more

How long do Bearded Dragons live?


How long do Bearded Dragons Live? The answer to this question varies widely and depends on many factors, so lets first look at a few things that will increase their lifespan and reduce stress and illness. Diet: A well balanced diet will promote health and increase lifespan and reduce risk of disease. Environment: Incorrect heating, … Read more