How to Sex Your Bearded Dragon & Tell Their Age!

For bearded dragon owners, figuring out how you can sex a bearded dragon is very important. Having the knowledge of what gender your bearded dragon is can help you give your bearded dragon the best care possible. However, this can be harder than it might seem at first. Unlike most creatures, bearded dragons don’t have … Read more

A Complete Guide to Fancy Bearded Dragons


Bearded dragons are basically from the Hot lands of Australia; this cold-blooded reptile is one of the most famous reptile pets in the world. The regular bearded dragons that come from Australia are very plain in colors, as the color of their bodies is similar to the soil’s color of the place where they reside. … Read more

How Many Eggs Do Bearded Dragons Lay?


Being an owner of a female bearded dragon who is approaching maturity or in the process of laying eggs, you might be wondering how many eggs does she lay at once. Female bearded dragons lay eggs in a clutch, where each clutch consisting of 20-30 eggs. The female bearded dragon lays eggs even without mating … Read more

Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Puff Up?


Bearded dragons usually puff up their beards to show aggression towards someone or something, similar to the hair that stands upon a cat’s tail or a dog baring its teeth when it’s threatened. They typically attempt to intimidate something they perceive to be threatening by blackening and puffing up their beard. When they “look bigger … Read more

Top 10 Reasons for Bearded Dragon Black Beard


In this post, we are going to explain what it means when your bearded dragon’s beard turns black and some of the different reasons for why it happens. We will explain everything with the help of pictures and videos. Bearded dragon black beard can be an alarming sight for many bearded dragon owners especially beginners … Read more