Bearded Dragons Swimming


Seems like a strange thing for an animal that lives in arid/ desert climates but sure enough put them in a bath tub and away they paddle doing lengths of the bath. Most Bearded Dragons would seem like they can’t get enough of the water but it’s more a case of a reflex action, all … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Bite?


Well it depends, typically they’re not aggressive and aren’t going to bite you, you’d have to really push them to get them to attack you, so you’d probably deserve it. Do they bite? The bearded dragon is normally a docile lizard and rarely aggressive towards us humans unless we go out our way to provoke … Read more

Bearded Dragon won’t eat


If your baby Bearded Dragon isn’t eating this is more critical than an adult, simply because they won’t have the fat/energy reserves to last out any appetite loss. There’s a myriad of factors that can cause your Bearded Dragon to stop eating. Everything here focuses on a lack of appetite and what can cause it … Read more

Caring For Bearded Dragons


Bearded Dragon care is one of the easiest providing they have a healthy diet, plenty of space, the right heat and lighting you generally won’t get any health issues providing this is followed, but if you are experiencing problems with your Bearded Dragon, stop reading this and please visit your nearest vet. Bearded dragons are … Read more

How to Walk Your Bearded Dragon?


Today we are going to share with you how to walk your bearded dragon. Before you walk your bearded dragon make sure you are in an area where there are no dogs or other animals that could hurt your beardie.Another thing I don’t suggest is walking your bearded dragon in a forest or a woody … Read more