Fun Bearded Dragon Toys & Activities


Having bearded dragons as pets is a huge responsibility as you need to take care of their health and diet and also keep them entertained. While providing food and a clean and threat-free environment, you might forget that the beardie in the wild used to have access to unlimited resources, and now it’s bound to … Read more

Reasons for Bearded Dragons Glass Surf & How to Stop It

Bearded dragons are unique and fascinating reptiles in terms of their appearance and their characteristics, and unique habits. They display peculiar behavior such as bobbing heads, push-ups, waving as well as glass surfing. These symptoms seem entirely normal, but repetitive behaviors indicate something wrong with your bearded pet dragon. Glass surfing is one of the … Read more

How to Help Make a Bearded Dragon Gain Weight


If your bearded dragon is getting skinny with every passing day, and you’re searching for answers, then keep reading this article. Bearded dragons, a unique name in the world of reptiles, are very low-maintenance reptile pets. Their hardy nature and friendly attitude solve half of the problem for their owner, removing their worries about the … Read more