Top 16 Bearded Dragon Accessories & Decorations

After bringing a bearded dragon home and setting up a cage for him, there are several accessories that you must have to keep your dragon happy and healthy. It’s just like going the extra mile for the well-being of your pet beardie. 

Here’s a detailed guideline about the accessories that you should include for your bearded dragon’s well-being and happiness. 

Our favorite bearded dragon’s accessories:

Here’s a list of simple ways to add more fun to your bearded dragon’s enclosure:

Living the high life:

Whether in their enclosure or outside, the bearded dragons enjoy being elevated in the environment where they reside. A number of ways are used to provide vantage points to your bearded dragon, just as required by your beardie. 

Adding additional branches in their habitats will help them get to the high spots in the enclosure. A very cost-effective, economical wood to provide sufficient support to your pet beardie is ZooMed’s Reptile Mopani wood. It assists your bearded dragon to climb onto the elevated points in the enclosure and enjoy to their fullest.

Lounging around:

We all need to stretch our feet to relax now and then, and the same is the case with bearded dragons. You can use the empty space in the beardie’s terrarium to set up a Penn Plax Reptology Lizard Lounger, which works as a spa-like paradise for your pet to relax and feel comfortable.

It’s truly the best thing to provide a relaxing space along with elevating spots of their vantage point to your pet beardie.

Upgrade their Hiding hole:

In the wild, the bearded dragons can easily find a hiding spot on rocks, in caves, beneath logs, in tree holes, grassland, and a lot more. However, in captivity, You must build a hiding spot for the pet beardie, so it can have its space whenever it needs. Hiding makes them feel secure and stress-free; furthermore, beardies tend to hide when they want to cool down and avoid any more sunlight.

There are a number of ways to build a hidey-hole; however, if you want to get the best one for your beardie, you must check the Exo Terra Reptile Cave (Extra Large). It provides a safe and cozy space to your beardie and just the perfect size for the terrarium. The quality and affordability of this terrarium are remarkable; it’s very durable and will last as long as your beardie does.

A gold Water dish:

It’s suggested to keep the dish of water in the terrarium of your pet beardie so that if it finds the dish unintentionally while roaming around, it can lay down in the water and stay hydrated. However, you might want to look into the plate’s design you plan to put inside the terrarium for your beardie. 

An amazing option for the water dish that your beardie would love inside the terrarium is Exo Terra Reptile Water Dish. This Reptile Water dish contains steps in its interiors, which would be helpful for insects to crawl outside the container who wander inside. This will be beneficial for the elimination of decaying insects in the water supply of your beardie. The size of the dish will allow the beardie to enjoy a comfortable bath inside the dish.

Rocks that Rock:

The bearded dragons in the wild have access to unlimited natural resources to fulfill their needs. However, in captivity, the owners are required to provide a setup that is the closest imitation of nature. One of the things included in the natural setup inside the terrarium is a fine basking rock. 

As they come from hot and drylands, the bearded dragons spend a considerable amount of time basking on a platform under the sun. UVB lights replicate the natural light inside the terrarium, yet a basking platform is required for the beardie to bask itself under the light comfortably. 

A good option for a basking rock is MagNaturals Rock Ledge; this provides enough space for your beardie to move out and bask comfortably. This rock has many features, including its sturdiness and magnetic property, allowing your beardie to go for vertical basking options. 

The Basking Hybrid:

 For your unique reptile pet, this is a unique option to keep your beardie healthy and happy. A fantastic choice for basking hybrid is Zilla’s Basking Ramp. This basking hybrid has steps on two sides that progress to meet a flat surface at the top. This feature opens up multiple options for the beardie, including climbing up and down, laying on top, and crawling underneath the platform.

This platform also provides a shade for the thermoregulation of your bearded dragon once it has absorbed enough. The bearded dragon can hide under this platform to shield extra light from reaching their body.

Tunnels from Nature:

Bearded Dragons love tunneling when they are in the wild. The beardie might imitate the same in captivity; however, it won’t be a pleasant sight having your beardie burrowing through their substrate. It can be very dangerous to their well-being and equally harmful for the terrarium. There are a lot of options that can be opted to provide a tunneling experience to your beardie. 

A very appropriate option for this is Round Cork Bark, which allows your beardie to have an adventure as they require. They can jump into the stopper chamber and find the secrets looking out for the other end. Other than that, the beardie can curl up inside the round cork bark for a nap.

ZooMed’s Natural Cork Bark (Round, Extra Large) contains a lot of space and is 100% natural for enormous grown-up beardies. 

Dragon’s Den Decor:

It is an important thing when you are looking for accessories for a bearded dragon. Aesthetic improvements add value to the habitat, and this one is no different. An economical and aesthetic option is Exo Terra’s Primate Skull Hideway; its spooky appearance brings out the dragon in your beardie. The skull is designed to provide a hiding spot for your dragon, yet your beardie might not be able to fit in as they reach their adult-hood. 

Pet Ramps:

It will be very pleasing for your pet to have a ramp for free movement and exercise, where they can roam in their free time. Using a simple wooden plank would serve the purpose; however, to minimize the risk of tripping or getting injured, go ahead to purchase a pet ramp for your beardie.

An excellent ramp choice for your bearded dragon is PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp. Its quality and size are genuinely outstanding; the 70” extended platform provides enough space for your beardie to move quickly.


Space is paramount when you are talking about the bearded dragon, so to provide an extra mile of the area to your beardie, Pets Pet PlayPen by Midwest Homes is a wonderful option. The 24” or 30” foldable pen is just the perfect choice for you. It comes with eight panels easy to fit, set up, and configure.

 The playpens come with different heights, so you must keep a check on your dragon, just in case it finds how to sneak out of it.


The dragon comes from a hot and dry and so it needs a nice warm temperature to survive. In captivity, warmth could be provided through UVB light and temperature regulators. It’s one of their favorite things to step out and bask in the sun. One of the best options to provide a 24 hours heat source to your beardie is to get yourself an Exo Terra Heat-Glo infrared Spot Lamp. The bulb increases the overall temperature of the terrarium because of the red-tinted bulb.

Treats: Fluker’s Freeze-Dried Crickets:

Crickets are the best treats to be given to your bearded dragon. The best choice, in this case, is Fluker’s Frozen Dried Crickets, as it provides a high amount of protein, calcium, and fat to keep your beardie’s growth and digestive system intact. Add this treat to the bowl of veggies and have your beardie chewing down the whole bowl in search of this treat. 

Playtime Accessories:

All the things listed above are luxury essentials for your bearded dragon. However, it doesn’t just end here; having a home is not enough. Just as you require a lot of furniture and other stuff to decorate your home, the same is for your pet bearded dragon. It is very exciting for your pet to have something around which is physically and mentally stimulating.

One of the methods is to interact with your dragon playfully, as the bearded dragons are very friendly once they get used to their owner. Your beardie should be provided with a lot of options to have entertaining activities within the enclosure.


Every species of bearded dragon reacts differently to the toys or things presented to them. Some bearded dragons might get into an enjoyable play, whereas some might just be uninterested in most things and can be very picky at times. 

Introducing toys to your bearded dragon would be very pleasant for your beardie; however, you must make sure the things you’re presenting to your dragon are not toxic or indigestible for beardie’s stomach. Following is a list of toys that your beardie can play with without harming itself


A small ball can be a delightful addition to your pet beardie’s cage. There are specially designed balls that are for animals to uncover and play with. A small cat ball can serve the purpose well enough and keep your beardie actively interacting and playing with it.

Another option is a ball designed with a stuffing of food inside, which will be enjoyable and inexpensive to present your beardie. 


Presenting crumpled newspapers will keep your beardie engaged for some time and won’t cost you a penny too. However, monitor your beardie from a safe distance to prevent the newspaper from getting to the stomach of beardie, as he might also attempt to chew and tear it.

Digging for snacks:

To keep your beardie healthy and fit, don’t just put the food in front of them, instead have them hunt and break a sweat for it. The bearded dragons like to dig when in a natural habitat which is a very healthy activity for the dragon. Hiding a treat or food item under the ground so that your beardie can find a reward every time it digs will keep him actively engaged.

The simplest way to do so is by adding a treat to the bottom of a food bowl and fill the rest of it with the newspaper till the top. Your beardie will eventually dig up to the treat and have a very engaging snack time. 


There are multiple ways you can make your bearded dragon more comfortable in captivity. The best way is to create a setup as the closest imitation of nature, which will make your dragon feel just at home. The bearded dragon enjoys being on high points and elevated, so make sure to add some extra effort by adding additional branches to keep your bearded dragon happy.

Secondly, the dragons, as they come from warm habitats, enjoy basking under the sun. So make sure to arrange a basking platform along with UVB lights and a temperature regulator. Adding a few toys and treats in your beardie’s cage will just put the final nail in the series to keep the beardie feel at home.

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