Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets? Top 10 Reason to Choose one

Are bearded dragons good pets? To answer this question we decided to write a detailed article. In this article, we’ll be talking about whether or not bearded dragons make good pets. We will try not to be biased. We will try to include both the pros and cons of having a bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons are rapidly becoming one of the most popular pets in the United States. Their nature, personality, ease of care, and lifespan make them great pets for anyone.

Top 10 points that make bearded dragons good pets.


Typically bearded dragons are really easy to handle. As long as you handle them when they’re younger and that way they’ll tolerate you handling them when they get older.


Bearded dragons are available in a vast variety of colors and morphs. You can get pure white, orange, red, and many other colors which are done through selective breeding.

Care Requirements

Bearded dragons are typically really easy to care for, but this is only if you have the correct equipment. Dragons need UVB light and heat equipment to be able to absorb the calcium properly.


Bearded dragons also need a large amount of space because they can grow up to around 18 to 24 inches long.


As bearded dragons need specialist equipment, therefore, cost-wise, they are usually costly. Usually, the equipment, the housing, and all other important tools are more expensive than the actual bearded dragon.

A bearded dragon costs somewhere between 25 to 50 dollars in the US, but of course, this can be higher depending on the color you choose. But the equipment, housing, and food will cost more than 250 to 300 dollars.


Bearded dragons live for a relatively long time. They live between about 8 to 14 years. Bearded dragon lifespan always depends on how you care for them.


Bearded dragons are omnivores. This means that they can eat vegetables, fruits, and live insects. Here is a list of foods you can feed your bearded dragon.

Personality and Characteristics

All bearded dragons are not the same. Personality-wise they do differ. They have some quirky characteristics. If it gets stressed it will puff out its beard, hence the name. If bearded dragon wants to show dominance, they wave. If your housing bearded dragons together they do wave to each other and this may be due to them showing dominance over one another.

We suggest not housing them together as this can transmit diseases. They can also get injured fighting over territories

Not Noisy

Bearded dragons are relatively quiet animals. They don’t make any vocalization at all.

Not Smelly

Bearded dragons are also not smelly creatures as well. Like any other animal, if you do spot cleaning on a regular basis, they won’t smell. If you don’t spot clean them, it could lead to nasty infections and really bad health.


I would say bearded dragons make fantastic pets. They’re perfect for children as well. Like with any animal you should supervise them when they’re around children just to make sure that a child can handle a bearded dragon.

The only downside I would say is the cost of all of the equipment and enclosures, but the bearded dragon itself is normally not very costly. But overall I would recommend this as the best reptile.

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