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Introduction to My Beardies (mybeardies.com)

My Beardies is the authoritative website for bearded dragon lovers and enthusiasts, who trust it for reliable information on bearded dragons.

We offer a wide variety of informative guides about bearded dragons’ health, habitat, diet, and general husbandry to help educate owners and educators alike.

We create credible, objective, fact-checked information that enables you to make the right decisions to ensure your bearded dragon is in the best health.

Today, MY Beardies is an online community and team of bearded dragon enthusiasts, breeders, and experts that share their years of expertise!

Why trust us?

We are a community of reptilian specialists and enthusiasts with decades of combined experience researching and caring for reptiles, including bearded dragons. We are one of the biggest bearded dragon enthusiast communities, and it’s because of this.

Whether you are looking for bearded dragon care guidelines, husbandry ideas, habitat, or sexing and behavioral advice, our professional peer-reviewed articles are clear and easy to comprehend.

My Beardies is a popular beardie website that educates millions of readers on how to keep and care for their bearded dragons.

Expert Guidance and Advice

The editorial staff working for My Beardies guarantees that all of our educational and care articles are rigorously vetted through a long process of checking and confirmation, and everything published goes through stringent double-checking before going live.

You can reach out to us via our email admin@mybeardies.com or by filling the form below.

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